The Hole

A very quickly thrown together web page. Evidently I am a coder not an artist, so feel free to design a better webpage for the mod {:-)

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Note, this cannot be turned directly into an OMOD, please extract and read the README

One day, walking quietly along a road in Cyrodiil, you feel the ground shake beneath your feet. You keep your balance but an imperial legionnaire up ahead of you falls from his horse to the road.

An earthquake. Unusual in this area of Tamriel. What can have caused it? Before long you feel another tremor, stronger than the first. You almost lose your balance this time, but across the region many others are not so lucky.

Before long, talking to people, you can get an idea as to where the focus of the quakes is. And as you travel to the area, you start to hear rumours of something strange going on.

The Hole is a quest mod for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. It stretches the capabilities of Oblivion's game engine in ways no other mod has, with new never before seen environments and a plot-line that takes you to other realms, other times, and other realities, with warped space-time causing untold harm to the world. Solve the mystery, and you have started the quest. Once you know what is going on, you must prepare the world for the biggest change it has ever faced. But before you can warn the world, you must discover for yourself what lies ahead.

The Hole has multiple branching quest lines, with your actions determining how the story unfolds. A number of side quests, red herrings, and major choices will mean that you can play the game again and have a completely different ending than before. Not just a few words different in an end sequence, but different dungeons, different quests, and a completely different ending. Make the wrong choice, and you could undo the work of Martin Septim, and lead yourself on the road to evil.

With 14 hours of game play in its main branch, and another 6 hours available if you play other branches, this is not a small mod.

15 major new dungeons
Several non-dungeon based quests
2 new worldspaces
30,000 lines of script code
3,000 lines of fully voice acted dialog

Each dungeon is designed to do something new, something never been seen before in Oblivion. The whole game is Lore friendly, in fact it is very deeply rooted in the Lore of the game.